6 reasons why its important that you’re real estate agent loves her job!

Im honored to help my clients find their dream home… Buying a home is one of the most important choices in someone’s life and usually involves someone’s entire life savings. I hold that trust, as if you handed me a bubble and I carry that all the way to the end of the transaction. In other words, I consider it a big deal.

If you have any questions along the way, I’m there to provide answers. I’m there not only as an extra set of eyes and ears but to provide the right info when it’s needed. I’m there to help guide, assist and coordinate the (potentially) 10-15 industry professionals that you may encounter during this one transaction. Making sure you get the best possible deal begins when I start collecting information from each of these professionals about the house so that by the time I get to the negotiating table, I not only know the person I’m negotiating with but they also know what my client’s key concerns are.  I turn over every rock to make sure you and your attorney have all the right info prior to the contract signing and at the closing table.

A house purchase is not only one of the most important purchases of one’s lifetime but it’s a personal journey of wants and desires, hopes and dreams and, ultimately, what memories will unfold there. I consider my job a significant role in finding and realizing your dreams.

Knowing that your real estate agent truly loves her job will mean that you are getting a standard of excellence and ultimately are going to either get the best selection, price and or timeline!

  1. I will have your best interest at heart. Its my job! If I’m representing you as my client then its part of the service that I am trained and obligated to offer you. Im loyal as heck and its in your best interest to have an exclusive agreement with me. When I know you’re in it with me – I’m willing to do whatever it takes to have the biggest transaction of your life turn out well!

  2. I love looking at all kinds of houses – kind of like people, each one is unique in its own way with special features. Historic to contemporary. I love that one day I can go into a dutch colonial and another I can be showing a mid-century.

  3. Understanding what the client is looking for. Finding a home is a highly personal choice and knowing when to pause and inquire over a coffee or phone call is par for the course. If its a couple, this could translate to understanding both individuals separately and where they are overlap in their similarities and where they are willing to bend towards the other person. Discovering and navigating the desires and needs of my clients are as interesting as the houses themselves. 

  4. Uncovering (sometimes critical) mysteries.  If necessary, I will be uncovering information that will either seal the deal or continue the search! Being an agent and having the ability and access to reveal relevant information about your transaction. 

  5. I love a mission. No matter where each home search and ultimately real estate deal takes us there is a beginning, middle and end. I love the ebb and flow of this timing.

  6. Representing my clients ethically – at the end of the day, its satisfying knowing that I’ve done a great job and was a pivitol part of my client accomplishing a milestone goal in life.

A moment of transition. Whether you are upgrading and expanding a family, downsizing, or relocating – this time in one’s life is usually filled with changes that require reflection. Having that feeling that your agent is taking special care and representing you with loyalty and confidence, allows you to go through this transaction with peace of mind. I’m here to guide you through some of the more practical aspects of how to get to that ultimate vision.

So what is your ‘why’? Is it letting your dogs out into the backyard (or land) to run free? Is it having a kitchen that everyone you care about can overflow into? Is it sitting by the fire with a cup of tea and a book while your feet get toasty? Is it having your kids get off the bus and walk right to your front door? Whatever ‘it’ is, lets make it happen in a way that has you feel excited when you put the key in the front door!