Taking the plunge. his NYC born and bred lady went north. No Regrets.

It was no easy task deciding to move to the suburbs. That is the Westchester Suburbs at the very begining of the Hudson Valley. There is a definite stigma about it esp if you have grown up in NYC. Basically we are groomed to believe that the suburbs are less than our educated array of melting pot constituates. Overrun with hot dogs, malls and average, well, everything. Some attest that its a lazy stooping into the consumer driven, culture-less world of cul de sacs. Moving to the burbs is categorized in ‘things a New Yorker should never do’. Liken to anything Jersey, its on an secret list of taboo. If you want to consider your self a legit urban dweller never even consider moving to the burbs, going to Jersey, never take a cab when the subway is more convenient. (Israel feel free to add other things here)

So, how did I end up taking the plunge? Well, not without some frustration with storage, apartments with crazy neighbors, no parking etc etc. Years of renting in the boroughs – where there is “more space”. At the bottom of it all I had to get over the thought in my head that said, “if I move to the suburbs life as I know it will come to an end”. No, I did not have to get into the long line of wives picking up their husbands at 6pm. No, I did not have to fit into some stereo typical suburban soccer mom. I could actually design my life as I wanted it to be – wow, liberation from the invisible force field! Once I got here, into my own house with more space and more time I actually got busier with the things that I love to do and being surrounded by nature able to take walks and spend quality time with my family allowed me to enjoy my life in a totally new way. Kind of simple really. And, I have absolutely no regrets.