A cultural hub in the burbs

Jacob Burns is the big claim to fame and what balances this otherwise seemingly vanilla town. This film theater screens many independent and new releases. The recently developed education center is a boon for children, teens and film buffs. The Farmers Market is the other cultural draw filled with not only local tasty bites and fresh farm food but an outdoor venue with live music - truly bustling in the summer - is an event in itself (continuing indoors in the winter). The many shops and restaurants including the other Black Cow make this a true downtown. Between the dog park and the Starbucks I almost thought I was back in Brooklyn!


Local Spots

Jacob Burns Center & Farmers market, Bars & Restaurants include; Dai Sushi, Wood & Fire, Falafel-Taco, Little Mumbai Market, Second Cheese

Parks & Area

Dog Park (off leash), Rockefeller State Park, fishing & hiking trails with waterfalls.


Pleasantville Union Free School District

Things to note: Top School though underrated, opting out of tests affects numbers. A stellar music and string dept. starting at an early age. HW load minimal until high school. https://www.greatschools.org,


Express Train
Harlem Line: 56-62min, every 1/2 hour till 10:20am

56-1.15 min, every 1 hour after 9am MTA

Parking permits are sold out and only for local residents. Parking in permit spots free after 3pm and weekends. Four municipal lots and metered parking available in town.


Pleasantville has more restaurants than most towns there are quite a few here to choose from.





Take a break from the hustle and bustle.

And check out houses in the burbs…